Stories. We all love stories. All of us at the pizza place have been around art forever, and for all of us, when taking in a piece of art, it’s the story that resonates. Art can be a study in smoke and mirrors, but when all’s said and done, there’s no way to bullshit your way through to the human heart, and that’s a matter of how true a story you tell. So beyond all the techniques and the gimmicks, the bells and the whistles, tell a great story and you got, in each of us, a lifelong fan.

-And when all’s said and done, we hope to bring you more than you can count.

Thanks again for choosing Lonesome’s, and we hope the stories we bring to you stick to your bones like they do us.

art in your pizza box

Corey Arnold Corey Arnold This is the best damn photographer in Portland. He moonlights as an Alaskan fisherman
Dawn Baillie Dawn Baillie The biggest name in movie poster design, and an awesome lady
Bobby Bobby able to pull off the rare combination of both experimental and really good and easy to listen to. we’re big fans.
Call of the Wild Call of the Wild
my favorite new band in Brooklyn
Judson Claiborne a singer/songwriter out of Chicago. Lyle Lovett meets Townes Van Zandt meets David Byrne. really delicate and beautiful music.
Bryan Cunningham Featured in Juxtapose and Raw Vision, also, he’s done a couple of our logos. His pieces are acrylic on canvas. Suspended to hand-carved wooden frames with beer tabs.
Jason D’Aquino Pulp-miniatures in matchbooks.
Denimu Denimu Amazing art all made of cut-up blue jeans!
Deertick Deertick the finest lowbrow country Rhode Island’s ever produced
Detroit Cobras hot chicks and rock and roll out of Detroit.
DooDoo Funk AllStars Portland’s best funk band, no question.
Dragstrip Riot Dragstrip Riot a damn fine psychobilly band out of the Northwest
Andrew Duhon The next in a long line of New Orleans singer-songwriters
Federale Federale Oh my god I love this band
Jeremy Fish Jeremy Fish Rockstar lowbrow artist out of San Francisco
Graham Franciose Graham Franciose awesome art out of Austin
Sallie Ford Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside one of the most unique sounds in Portland, no question.
Tord Gustavsen Tord Gustavsen beautiful, ambient jazz all the way from Norway
Carey Haider capturing Portland on film
Evan B Harris Evan B Harris one of my favorite painters on the planet
Jack Off Jill Jack Off Jill very angry, also very hot punk band
Josh and Mer Josh and Mer
phenomenal new band out of Portland
Kielen King Kielen King/strong> epic R and B composer
Scotty Karate Scotty Karate Troubador out of Michigan
Knockin’ Boots a joke album for a mockumentary that ended up being really good
Fela Kuti Fela Kuti African James Brown, before James Brown
Larry and his Flask Larry and His Flask A damn fine live band out of Oregon
Living Proof Living Proof The latest from Portland’s hip-hop scene
John Mulder John Mulder Creepy/sexy clown paintings
The Penalty The Penalty Portland garage-rock
Johnny Rigg Johnny Rigg One of the best singer-songwriters I’ve ever heard
Ray Sell Ray Sell one of my favorite collage artists working today
Scooter Curl Scooter Curl’s Creepy Dolls Exactly what it sounds like
Seasick Steve one of the best bluesman working today
Greg Stovetop Greg Stovetop Amazing songwriter out of Brooklyn
Truckstop Darlin Truckstop Darlin well read white trash rock and roll
Turn To Crime Turn to Crime Derek Stanton’s latest effort
Unusual Cards Unusual Cards
greeting cards for every occasion
John Whipple Porn-cartoon meets lowbrow art

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